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Leftover Roast Chicken

“Honey make sure you do something with the Blog-Worthy Roast Chicken in the fridge! Lot’s of good meat still left on the bone. Don’t let it go to waste!” Goodness gracious.. “OK, Dear!”Such an easy thing really, picking the meat off the bone. Therapuetic actually. Pick, pick, nibble, nibble… Of course when my hubby gave… Continue reading Leftover Roast Chicken

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1st Annual Jen’s Dish Event!

The first ever Jen’s Dish event was held the Saturday before the Super Bowl :(, at Washington Hill Liquors in Lincoln, RI. The afternoon was made all the more festive by the addition of Mike Murray and his Saugy Hot Dog cart! Who can resist free Saugy Frankfurts? A big THANK YOU to Kent &… Continue reading 1st Annual Jen’s Dish Event!